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The round refers to a figure, a philosophical realm, cosmology and aesthetics. Pythagoras, an ancient Greek, put forward that “The sphere is the most beautiful among all 3D figures and the round is the most beautiful among all plane figures.” In the Chinese ancient aesthetics, the round is an important aesthetic category. The round refers to a figure, and is of great philosophical meaning. It is a circle of life, implies the circulation of cosmic creatures, and reflects the spirit of “The movement of heaven is full of power”. The round symbolizes life and harmony.
Round: “Wide heart embraces all”. The ribbon blends in with the round, and expresses the concept of “absorption” vividly. Only by absorption of “new” thought and “new” concept, can the enterprise achieve development and prosperity. The figure explains the meaning of “Xinxing” in a deep level.
The two ribbons echo each other, “Co-existence, Reciprocity”, and imply the core values of “Value Co-creation, Value Sharing”.

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