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I. Contribute to the Country, Return the Society, Benefit the Staff
“Contribute to the Country”: The word of “Contribute” reflects its background of military industry, the sacred mission of the central enterprise and the patriotism of Xinxing people.
“Return Society”: Xinxing people feel grateful, are concerned about people, provide excellent products and service, and make a contribution to the construction of a harmonious society.
“Benefit Staff”: Xinxing Group takes staff as the first resource of enterprise development, creates favorable growth environment for staff, establishes a stage for realizing life value and brings staff a wonderful life. 
II. Rigorous, Pragmatic, Vigorous, Resolute
Xinxing Group inherits the working style of a military enterprise, and owns a characteristic spiritual outlook through market competition. Xinxing people strictly abide by the scientific law, develop the working attitude of “Rigorous, Prudent, Practical, Realistic, Constant Improvement”, pursue exquisite details, serve customers and make a contribution to the society.
“Vigorous & Resolute” is the executive style of Xinxing people like soldiers and the magic weapon to achieve success. Xinxing Group becomes a powerful enterprise by virtue of the strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions, strict discipline, solidarity, cooperation and firm determination.

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