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Main features:
Full protection:Consist of EOD helmet, protection suit and palm.
Material: UHMWPE, aramid, Permanent flame retardant, anti-static and bulletproof transparent material
Performance: Weaken the shock overpressure, helmet is tested by German lab, V50 exceed 720m/s, main part are over 1600m/s.
Design: Removable enhanced plates, confortable when standing or squating .
Tool pocket can carring work tools,shoulder handles help to wear, quick-release sysytem.
Visor can be adjusted easily, suit for all kinds of operation.
Ventilating system prevent the visor from fogging.
Optional: 100m cable communication system and cooling system
EOD suit:

Product Name

EOD Suit/Bomb Searching/Explosive Ordnance Disposal Suit


Full protection EOD helmet

Adjustable transparent visor

Ventilating system

Communication system(optional)

illuminating system(optional)

Protection suit

Jacket and Trousers

chest and groin plates

Spine protection device

Groin protection short trousers

Quick-release device

Hands&feetprotection,knee pad

Trousers widened article

EOD  boots(optional)

Cooling jacket(optional)


Total weight 35kg

Protection suit 25.5kg(with plates)

EOD helmet 3.5kg

Accessories 6kg


Helmet ≥720m/s

Visor ≥850m/s

Transparent window≥750m/s

Surface ≥600m/s

Plates ≥1600m/s

(Higher level can be customized )

Against Shock Wave Performance


Tested with Hybrid dummy many times,shows ultra-strong performance


Dark blue /camouflage

Testing institution

German Beschussamt Mellrichstadt laboratory

Special police equipment quality supervision and test center of the ministry of public security of P.R.C.



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