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The vehicle-mounted UAV counter equipment mainly includes vehicle modification, display control system, UAV passive early-warning discovery system, UAV active radar detection system, precise directional interference system, omnidirectional active defense system, photoelectric detection tracking system, portable UAV interference equipment and vehicle-mounted power supply system, and it is specifically composed of carrier vehicle, reconnaissance antenna array, reconnaissance control host, display and control terminal, interference antenna, photoelectric tracking equipment, GPS, interference pan/tilt, communication equipment, distribution system, supporting cable, etc.
It can realize a warning distance of more than 5 km, an interference distance of more than 1.5 km and an early-warning monitoring range of 360°. With an active defense function, the system can form a suppressing defense zone in the core area by launching electromagnetic suppression signals and automatically prevent UAVs from entering the defense zone to achieve the purpose of active defense.
UAV passive early-warning discovery system
It can transmit the detailed information of UAVs to the command center so as to realize the detection and positioning of UAVs.
UAV active radar detection system
It can effectively detect UAVs, helicopters, gliders, paragliders, hot air balloons, airships and other equipment.
Precise directional interference
A vehicle-mounted jammer is adopted to acquire radar equipment signals through the control system, track low-altitude flying objects and transmit electromagnetic signals to realize the automatic interference with mainstream UAVs so that they have to return to the base or land forcibly.
Omnidirectional active defense system
Adopting the passive detection technology, the system can realize the multi-target discovery, model identification, positioning, flight path plotting, operator discovery and other functions for the UAVs within a range of 5 kilometers through the vehicle-mounted passive UAV detection system, and it is equipped with the real-time linkage expansion capability with counter equipment and active detection equipment simultaneously.
Photoelectric detection tracking system
It can track the infrared ray and combine with the white light to turn the rotary table and find the target timely through the guidance information of radar.
Portable UAV interferometer
It can carry out radio suppressing remote control, image transmission and link navigation for UAVs by means of soft suppression so that the UAVs have to leave or and land forcibly.
Product configuration list
Category Name of commodity Technical specification (detailed configuration) Quantity
Model Toyota COASTER bus 4.0L displacement, gasoline 1
Vehicle body refitting Rear door refitting Customized, manual side-by-side 1
Equipment compartment Customized, welded pre-buried bracket, rust prevention, thermal insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction treatment 1
Generator compartment Customized, push-pull mechanism, door, lock and hinge, rust prevention, heat dissipation, sound insulation and noise reduction treatment 1
Electric support Customized, electric self-balancing; single leg can support the weight of 3.5 tons  4
Lifting platform Customized, hydraulic shear (300kg) 1
Power sunroof Customized, aluminium alloy skylight 1
Lodging mechanism Electric lodging mechanism 1
Roof guard Customized, stainless steel 1
Climbing ladder Customized, stainless steel, anti-skid 1
Body paint Customized, 2004 police security appearance system. It can be customized according to customer requirements 1
Video wall Customized shielding layer, partition frame, soft packing of video wall and decorative frame. 1
Sofa Customized, double sofa, cladding 1
Living cabinet Customized, painting treatment of solid wood 1
Automotive air conditioner  1.5P roof-mounted air conditioner 1
Power system Vehicle-mounted UPS 2KW. It supports in-vehicle office equipment to work without external power supply  1
Battery pack EVFJ-100, maintenance-free 1
Power supply control Main power control cabinet, socket and leakage protector 1
Generator 5kw, silent gasoline and electrical startup  1
External connector assembly AC 220V; limit plug-in is adopted for safety protection 1
Cable reel 35M 6-square-meter external power cable with power cable take-up reel  1
Warning system Long-row alarm light LED long-row alarm light 1
Strobe light LED strobe light 12
Alarm master control 100W, with a horn 1
Reversing system Customized, 7-inch liquid crystal display, waterproof camera 1
Video monitoring and communication system Exterior camera PTZ AIO, 2 mega-pixel, 20-time high-definition, with a three-dimensional keyboard 1
Interior camera 2 mega-pixel fixed-focus hemispheric, 4mm lens, infrared ray of 10-30 meters, with pickup function 1
Hard disk recorder 4G hard disk recorder, all network modes supported, GPS, 1T hard disk 1
Digital vehicular radio Special for 305M vehicular cluster radio 1
Intercom system Handheld interphone 2
Office system 48-inch liquid crystal display 48-inch high-definition, AV HDMI interface 1
12-inch display Customized, 12-inch high-definition, AV HDMI interface 6
Industrial personal computer Customized, I7 processor, 2G memory, 1T hard disk, 1G independent graphics card; case is composed of steel structures with keyboard, mouse and other parts 2
Vehicle-mounted power amplifier Microphone, amplifier, indoor high-fidelity loudspeaker and outdoor loudspeaker 1
Lightning protection device Customized, lightning surge protector, lightning protection ground rod 1
UAV counter system UAV early-warning discovery system Composed of offline detection host, antenna array servo mechanism and warning command system  
UAV active radar detection system Composed of array antenna and radar terminal  
Precise directional interference system Composed of high-gain directional antenna, antenna servo mechanism and broadband power amplifier  
Omnidirectional active defense system Composed of high-gain omnidirectional antenna and high-power switch  
Photoelectric detection tracking system  Composed of visible light camera, infrared thermal imager, two-axis stable platform, image tracker and servo controller  
Portable UAV interferometer Composed of primary machine of UAV interferometer, antenna and jumper  
Our production base is:
1. The member of the Professional Police Equipments Standardzation Technical Committee of Ministry of Public Secirity of China.
2. The main standard unit to draft the Riot Control Vehicle and Climbing Assault Vehicles in China.
3. Products in the purchase list of the Publich Security Police and Armored Policed Forces.
4. Validated by the Chinese Government, got the "CCC" and various patents.
5. Adheres to ISO9001:2008 Quality Control System
6. The Ford Armoured Personnel Carriers are taking 70% of Chinese Market.
7. Export to the world markets.
8. Long life cycle and excellent aftersale service.
9. Professional manufacturer for rior control vehicle, climbing assault vehicle, armoured personnel carrier.
Our company:
Business Type: Trading Company
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