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Woodland Camouflage Net
Made of 150D, 190T or other materials with fire-resistance, anti-infrared, anti-thermal infrared and anti-radar functions which is applicable under temperature range of -30°C up to +70°C.
Camouflage Net significantly reduce probability of detection by all the widely used sensors on the modern battlefield and are intended for use as temporary or semi permanent concealment for various types of tactical equipment and field installations, disabling enemy observation.
Camouflage nets are colored, textured and patterned to present a natural appearance in surrounding terrain. Nets are reversible to remain effective during all seasons (spring/summer, autumn/winter).
Camouflage Net can be used for general purpose or tailored for specific assignment. Standard nets are rectangular shaped with basic measures in ratio 1:2 (6.0m x12.0m and 3.0mx6.0m).
Upon request nets can be manufactured in any shape or size. Average weight of finished net is less than 300g/m2. Nets can be easily assembled / disassembled with joining systems and set over the object using netting supported accessory.
Colorimetric values and IR reflectance confirm to natural environment. The mat surface has low gloss (max 2/85°). Trimmings have increased perforations to obtain a three dimensional texture.
Product Woodland camouflage net
Material 150D, 190T of nylon or other materials
Size 1:2 (6.0m x 12.0m or 3.0m x 6.0m)
self-extinguish, water-resistant, rot-resistant and
applicable under temperature range of -30°C up to +70°C.
Delivery time 45 Days
Delivery capability 20000 pieces per month


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